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I am living my life my way!!!

I am showing the world who I really am in a real, raw and honest light.

I have lived in the shadows of each and every type of person that I was expected to be by various people, never allowing myself to be who I really am deep inside. I was afraid to be real, to be honest, to be the real me deep down inside out of fear of judgment and what others will try to change in me. I lived that way for so many years. I never saw a way out of the darkness then one day the light came on and I began walking towards it, facing my inner demons, facing my own inner darkness…I am on a journey to self discovery. 

I am taking this journey with a brave and courageous heart. I have an open mind now ready to face what ever is to come from this journey. 

After a near death experience, when faced with septic shock, I decided to work on finding myself deep inside to allow the real me out, not someone else’s fabricated version of me. 

I am allowing myself to live real, raw, candid, brutally honest and be true to myself.

I strive to better a better person every day of my life. 

I try to live my life to the fullest that I can with my hubby and our furbabies. We made our life amazing by leaving the states of New York and New Jersey to move to Arizona.  every day is an adventure for us and it is getting better and better every day! I am happily married since 2004 to my best friend, the love of my life & my eternal soul mate.

I am a woman who believes that she is a Mother Earth loving, spiritual, kitchen, hedge witch and I was born this way. I am not some new found “Wiccan” follower who thought it would be cool to go against religions and piss people off by being a witch, like some people out there. This is who I have always been.

It’s been passed down through the generations even before I knew that my awesome grandmother was a witch. She would never tell anyone that. She never felt the need to blast it out to anyone or shout it out from the rooftops or mountaintops. She lived quietly in her little cottage working magic and teaching me when I would go to her house for a visit. I did not have books to read or websites to go to, she taught me to respect and honor nature as well as magic. She taught me to use what I naturally have inside of me as well as many other great life lessons.

I am a passionate blogger, I do not sugar coat anything. I am brutally honest *some would say to a fault*. I am also very open and candid about myself and my life, as there is nothing to hide here as all my skeletons were cleaned out by so many others. On my blog, I will be extremely and brutally honest, open and candid about myself and my life. You can expect to see my thoughts, sometimes I will be happy, sometimes I will be sad, others I may be pissed off. You may even see me post about sex and how I love sex with my husband, Ron. You may see me post about food, my food addiction and how I am trying to change my lifestyle to low carb/Keto. You may see a great many different things, my blog is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea or coffee, however it is MY BLOG! 

I love food, sex, coffee, tea, animals, fashion, makeup, blogging, the internet, social media, music, reading, online games, crafts, technology, gardening & interior design.

I have survived child abuse, spousal abuse, a devastating car accident, deaths of my brothers, being abandoned by my family, parental alienation, losing my daughters to my abusive ex-husband, family alienation, abuse from people I thought were friends, and my biggest obstacles that I survived were Klebsiella pneumoniae and septic shock. I beat those bitches in October 2016.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube as well as many other social media websites.

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