Am I Blogging For Fun?

If I get one more notification saying that someone is following my blog here that is a “bot” or a “scammer”, I do check profiles and I can see who follows the blog. Yesterday I woke up to 40 followers on my blog only to find out there are actually only 9 followers to my blog, which okay fine whatever. It is disheartening though to see that I have to put it out there to follow me and comment. My latest comment is from my hubby who supports me writing this shit out. I have done so much research, which platform is best, what is the best way to share on social media, to no avail. So my question is what more can I do to get my blog more interesting to gain followers and reach the masses who need it?

I don’t think the commenting system on WordPress is all that bad, I mean I have a blog set up on Blogger as well for a backup in case I need it, which I don’t think I will. Blogger does not offer half of what WordPress does. While my blog is located on and not my own self whatever it’s called blog, where it is on or whatever that is, I am happy with WordPress. I would not mind if they offered us that do pay for our blogs a bit more such as plugins to use, the only way to get those is to become a business account with them which does cost more, is it really worth it though?

I want to figure what direction that I want my blog to go in for 2021, it was a passion of mine to write and here I have the tools I just need to use them. I have my MacBook Pro with the program Pages and I love it. I have Grammarly, no I have not paid for that. In this day and age, you pay for everything and it’s just crazy, how much you are expected to pay if you want quality.

I have watched other bloggers fade off into the wild blue yonder either due to lack of followers, lack of quality content or just because they got bored with it. I can understand all of these things, because well I will admit I am not a fashion blogger, a huge foodie blogger or any other kind of popular blogger. I write about my life, my thoughts and whatever comes to mind, I am a bit different in that sense. I just don’t believe we should put ourselves into a blogging box or keep ourselves roped into a cramped area. We should be able to spread our wings and fly as high as we want with our blogging. We should be able to share content that has quality to us or not, we should be able to just vent, rant, rave, laugh, have fun on our blogs and have followers who enjoy the fun.

Why is this bothering me so much?

Why do I care if I have followers or not?

I cannot answer those questions as I am not sure why I feel the way I do. Maybe it’s because I know I have a right to share my thoughts, I have a voice and I want to be heard!! I want to be able to speak freely and to share, maybe get a feeling that someone believes in me, someone supports me, someone gets me. Maybe there are others out there who feel the same way and do not speak out the truth because they are afraid of what others might think. Maybe just maybe I can reach others and let them know that they are not alone in this vast world and in this insanity of Covid. We are not in this alone, we are together, in our own homes yes, but we are together and I don’t know about anyone else, right now I need to know I am not alone.

I am not sure what I am expecting or want to happen in 2021. I won’t lie I am nervous about what is coming next.

What is the world or better yet the United States about to face or deal with in 2021? I am hoping for greatness, I am hoping for better … that is all I can do.

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