Shine Brighter Than Before

Today I am feeling more alive than I have in a while. I am feeling more alive today than I have in a while.

Depression and PTSD are real and they can really drain your spirit!

Take care of yourself and love yourself.

Be patient with yourself as you heal and go through the process.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions and go through the darkness.

Do not be afraid to face your demons and darkness.

Do not allow bitterness, fear, anger or regret take control of you.

You can and will shine again beautiful one!

You will shine brighter than before.

1 thought on “Shine Brighter Than Before”

  1. I Love ALL of this! You write beautifully and can articulate your thoughts. I love that you are “grounding” and I am so happy to see you setting aside those things that do not serve you. You are a brilliant, beautiful witch. Yes, WITCH ❤️ and I am happy that the universe put us in each other’s paths.
    Never doubt yourself, and if you do, let me know so that I can remind you of the absolute badass that you are.

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