Merry Meet & Welcome

This is my first post on Wild Hearth Witch’s Cottage, I haven’t taken time to write an introduction, because I hate introducing myself to people. I hate having to tell you who I am, where I am from, describing myself, labeling myself and hope that you get it. So this time around I just created the blog, changed my user name online and let it sit for a bit. It’s like opening a bottle of wine, you have to open it and let it to breathe, which is basically what I did this time. I did not jump in all gung-ho ready to fight the good fight, ready to blog my brains out. This time around I wanted to give myself to breathe first, to allow myself to feel what I need to feel and communicate with my inner self as well as the Universe before I opened up the door to the Cottage to allow others in.

I decided a long time ago that I would always have an outlet to release my mind and heart, especially when I felt so much pain in the past. My blogs have always been my outlet, however there was some who wanted to silence me, to keep me beneath them because well for lack of a better word or way to put it, they were afraid of my truth and who I have always been. This realization came to me this past weekend as I sat thinking about how many different blogs I have had, how many different user names and I can honestly say I have allowed these people feared me to control me because I didn’t want to have drama or online wars. So I would go through wearing various masks never really truly being who I am deep inside. A few weeks ago when I decided to kill yet another blog of mine and change my user name again, I realized it’s my time to shine, my time to vent, my time to laugh, you get the gist. I created this blog name and my user name because well it’s who I am for real, no other witch, pagan or person can take that away from me as hard as they try. You honestly can try to take away a person’s identity from them, make them believe that they are not who they truly know they are, however somehow the Universe always brings us back to center and to who we truly are.

This is my place to write about my belief as a hearth, kitchen, green eclectic witch. It’s not just about spells or witchcraft, it’s about living a normal life, where magick already resides within myself. I don’t need to perform rituals, do spells every day, I enjoy the mundane things in life. I see the world with a child like wonder and I feel at home in nature and with nature. I bring the natural world into the brick and mortar of my home to live in peace and harmony with myself, with others, with my fur babies and well you get it. I don’t need a witchy hat, black clothes, put on goth makeup, worship all kinds of deities, being a natural born, generational witch is not about following all that new age belief. Let me make it clear real witches do not attack or belittle other witches either, we work to live in harmony with the Universe, we work and live to be at peace and establish a healing in the world, because we understand that world is chaotic enough that it doesn’t need people who claim to be about an ancient belief to bring more chaos and negativity into it. I will leave that thought there as I am sure there are people who will disagree with me and that is fine disagree, but when you really dig deep into the true background of this path and true roots of it, you will find that the true witches, the true healers, the true wise ones did not live to be at war with the world, each other or others, they lived to heal and bring wisdom to others. That is why our ancestors were sought out by Pharaohs, Kings, Queens, commoners, peasants, they came to gain wisdom, to have healing and to have an understanding as well as some peace of mind.

My blog is my own and I am going to put the disclaimer that these are my views, my words, my thoughts and they do not reflect my employers. Also, we are all individuals, we all follow different paths, if you do not agree with mine that is fine, then you live your life and I will live mine, however do not sit there in your house, behind your computer or whatever you use to attack, attempt to curse, or belittle me. Remember what comes around goes around. What you do in public others see and it’s a true reflection of who you are a person, that also reflects your credibility and integrity.

With this being said, welcome to my Cottage, my blog.

Welcome and Merry Meet.

Please enjoy your visit to the Cottage.

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